The Corporate Alliance is the nationally recognised membership charity working with employers addressing the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. We offer a be-spoke service to employers supporting the needs of business. Our vision at The Corporate Alliance is to work with every employer, providing them with practical and sector relevant tools and resources in a business-to-business platform in relation to the issues of addressing domestic abuse. Our collaborative work with employers throughout the country has not only saved lives and addressed the needs of employees who endure, perpetrate and witness violence, but also successfully assisted in the reduction of the calculated cost domestic violence has to the UK economy.

The Corporate Alliance has a proven track record of working with employers making a difference to the health, work and well being of their employees and providing tools to ensure corporate risk against domestic violence is mitigated. One facet of our work merits particular attention: in the last year, The Corporate Alliance has assisted member and non- member companies act on 83 disclosures made by employees about incidents of domestic violence, who required immediate support for their safety. All of these employees are safe, in work and the risk to business mitigated. We ensure employers are provided with the domestic violence direct service referrals that save lives.

The Corporate Alliance reaches over 5,000,000 employees in the private, public and third sector through our employer network. The Corporate Alliance provides a full service consultancy in regards to auditing and implementing best practice in relation to workplace response to domestic violence, has provided accredited training to over 10,000 employees, not to be counsellors but to identify the warning signs, refer to best practice providers and take action. We offer a gateway to direct service providers. Research commissioned by The Corporate Alliance in 2011 indicated that 87% of employers want to address the needs of employees who endure domestic abuse and violence yet does not know how. That is what we do – the ‘how’ that saves lives.

The Corporate Alliance members include…